In addition to our passion for being creative and making beautiful content, we feel a duty and responsibility to use our talents and abilities for the benefit of those less privileged.  Throughout our travels, we have been touched and moved by the struggles of those in distant lands as well as those right here in our backyard. Profoundly impacted by the work of two close friends, Somaly Mam of Cambodia, and Urmi Basu of New Light in Kolkata, India, Beauty For freedom was launched as our way to engage our community here in the effort to bring awareness and relief to the pervasive scourge of human trafficking. It is our belief that the beauty and fashion industry carries an immense influence and can be a unifying force to bring empowerment and freedom those victimized by this by this pressing issue. 


Through events, promotions, and awareness campaigns, Beauty For Freedom partners with brands in the Beauty and Fashion industry to raise awareness and funding for organizations who are engaged in the fight against human traffic. 

Human trafficking might not be at our front door, but it is definitely in our backyard. Our mission is to engage the industries of Beauty and Fashion as powerful allies in the fight to end human trafficking. Our vision is to create an innovative, sustainable platform that will provide the industries of Beauty and Fashion with a means to raise awareness, accountability, and financial contributions for charitable foundations and non-profits who fight this battle on the front lines. Together, we can work to end the trafficking in persons once and for all.

Beauty for Freedom was recognized at the F1 Better World awards in 2014 and has been
featured on FOX News, The Huffington Post and Yahoo Finance.