Kreativ Works is committed meaningful engagement and pushing the boundary of what is possible when companies and brands become partners with their customers.  We believe that through innovative problem solving and outside-the-box initiatives, customers and brands can work together to achieve results that far surpass the normal producer-consumer relationship. In an era that is frantically competing for eyeballs and ears, KRĒĀTIV Works specializes in capturing the heart and mind of your customer and forge a lasting relationship built on loyalty and appreciation.  To achieve that we offer creative consultation for our clients and build specialized campaigns to engage customers, impact the world and inspire innovation and creation within the company. 



  • Concept Creative
  • Brand Partnering
  • Branded content
  • Commercial Photography
  • Video production/direction
  • Creative consulting
  • Content management

SHAUN MADER: Creative Director, Photographer/Director, Producer

Shaun has spent the last decade steeped in the film and photo production world.  While his background started as a line producer and production manager for commercials and music videos, the creative side won out.  This background gives Shaun a rare versatility both as a photographer and a director to customize the scale of his shoots to meet the needs of the circumstances.  Shaun is at home shooting with light equipment on location as well as large, technical sets dealing with technicians and complicated demands. He proves himself on being able to scale up and scale down with ease and thrives in challenging conditions. 




MONICA WATKINS Creative Director, Producer

Monica is a successful Ford model, artist and philanthropist and over the years has used her experience to follow her passion as a filmmaker, producer, and promoter of other artists. Her innate sense of style, skill and ability to see the big picture makes her an enormous asset to our clients.

Over the past several years Monica has managed artists and created and hosted the Art in Motion TV/Radio Show at Urban Latino Radio. Additionally, Monica has shot and directed two documentary films, shot and art directed fashion and photography campaigns and organized/produced numerous charity events.